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All Articles on ABAP

Dialog Windows in Web Dynpro ABAP Applications Article(PDF 463 KB)

This document explains how to create popup dialog windows, external windows and confirmation boxes with an example in Web Dynpro ABAP.21 Sep 2009

Creating Email Content Using SO10 Objects and Text Symbols Article(PDF 349 KB)

The article describes the benefits of SO10 objects as compared to text symbols.17 Sep 2009

Guidelines for Effective Data Migration Article(PDF 362 KB)

This article provides a set of guidelines for data migration using LSMW and/or customer developer programs.17 Sep 2009

Extraction of Hierarchy into Flat File from R/3 and Loading in BW System Article(PDF 297 KB)

This document discusses the R/3 Tables involved in Extracting Hierarchies (mainly covered Cost Center Group Hierarchy and Cost Element Group Hierarchy), dump the hierarchy in Flat File in required BW structure and Load the same to BW.15 Sep 2009

Using Drop Down By Index in Table UI Element with Web Dynpro ABAP Article(PDF 304 KB)

This article describes the DropDownByindex in table UI Element.By selecting one drop down value other column values should be fetched and displayed automatically.15 Sep 2009

How to Add Columns to Tables in Standard Supply Network Collaboration (SCN) Web Interface Article(PDF 910 KB)

This document mentions the procedure of adding columns to tables in standard SNC Web UI. It is intended for SAP technical consultants. It is expected that the reader have knowledge of ABAP, especially BADIs.09 Sep 2009

How to Call a Specific Screen on the Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) Web Interface Article(PDF 221 KB)

This document details the procedure for determining URL for individual SNC screens in the SNC Web UI. This will enable us to call a specific screen on the SNC Web UI.09 Sep 2009

Internationalization in Web Dynpro ABAP Applications Article(PDF 144 KB)

The article describes the concept and procedure of developing a multilanguage capable Web Dynpro ABAP application.08 Sep 2009

Active Ingredient Management and Batch Balancing Article(PDF 545 KB)

This Article explains a phenomenon is called Batch Balancing in Supply Chain Management.30 Aug 2009

Update to NetWeaver EhP1: SAP NetWeaver 7.01 (Best Practice Implementing NetWeaver EhP1 for BW) Presentation(PDF 2 MB)

One of the Requirements to Implement all new SAP BusinessObjects Sceanrios like the improved usage of the BusinessObjects Portfolio or the new innovative combined Search Solution require the update/implementation of the recent for all customers released NetWeaver 7.0 Enhanchement Package 1 (EhP1). In this session you will get on one Hand all new Benefits with EhP1 for your SAP BI Solution and on the other Hand Best Practice Insights for the fast and disruptive Update to EhP1 to enable the next level of SAP BusinessObjects Product Portfolio integration.25 Aug 2009

Concatenation of Long Text in BEx Workbooks Article(PDF 480 KB)

This article explains on adding better functionality and front end formatting to BEx workbooks using Excel VBA (Macro). This piece of VBA code is used to concatenate text from many columns in a workbook and display it in a single column to the user.After concatenation , drill down and drill across are supported.21 Aug 2009

Architecture for Extracting the Custom Hierarchies from Sap R/3 System into BW System Article(PDF 243 KB)

This document talks about the architecture that we can use for extracting the custom hierarchy, which is maintained in custom table or in standard SAP tables for which no data source is provided by SAP as part of business content.15 Aug 2009

Flat File Upload – Considerations - Preliminary Program Article(PDF 102 KB)

The advantage of uploading flat files is the flexibility. This means that all kinds of sources of data can be used to provide data for the SAP BI application. Flat files have also some particularities. Amongst them are easy changes in the file structure, redundant data, lines without data and information in the filename. To handle these particularities some considerations can be useful.15 Aug 2009

How to Extend an Outbound IDoc Article(PDF 976 KB)

This document provides details on why we need an extended IDoc and how to create it. We will also see a step-by-step procedure for creating an extended IDoc. The steps involve creating a segment of required structure, extend basic IDoc, and assign new segment to extended IDoc. Also involves Maintaining message type, partner profile and implementing the User exit. Further the IDoc is transferred to the destination. A whole overview of Extended Outbound IDoc can be learned with this article.14 Aug 2009

Version Management of ABAP Programs Article(PDF 168 KB)

In some companies we may have different systems for Development, Quality Control and Production. Writing a new program from scratch in Development will never be a problem for developers. However, sometimes someone else writes a code and the program is maintained, changed, or enhanced by some other developers. In those cases, there is a great possibility that we start changing or updating wrong versions of the program. In addition, manual comparison of the ABAP programs can lead to a waste of time, which can be avoided.11 Aug 2009

Add New Field on the Dynamic Selection Screen of Any Report Using Logical Database Article(PDF 197 KB)

Any report or Transaction code which uses Logical Database has a feature to show dynamic selection screen, which contains the fields of the tables associated with corresponding Logical Database. Here we will learn how to make any field available on the Dynamic Selection Screen.10 Aug 2009

Limitation in BAPI Scheduling Agreement (SA) Create or Change Article(PDF 237 KB)

The article describes the limitations in standard SAP BAPIs to create or change Scheduling Agreements with multiple line items, each of which having multiple conditions.07 Aug 2009

E-Recruitment: Adding Additional Tab to Requisition Maintenance Article(PDF 277 KB)

In SAP E-recruitment, requisition maintenance, SAP has provided many standard fields to be used for requisition maintenance. However there are many business specific requirements where customer wants to add a whole new set of fields which are logically grouped together, so to provide flexibility SAP has provided provision to add a complete new additional tab, to display such logically grouped fields together. This document explains how such fields can be added to requisition maintenance, by creating a whole new tab. Apart from this, document will also explain how such fields can be stored in database and made search relevant.04 Aug 2009

Sending Outlook Appointments and Meeting Requests Directly from ABAP Applications Article(PDF 150 KB)

Sample code to demonstrate how to send Appointments or Meetings Requests to e.g. Microsoft Outlook directly from a Netweaver (6.20 or higher) based system. There are many possible ways to use this, one very logical and helpful use is to automatically send “vacation”/Leave of absence appointments back to a respective employee and his manager after vacation/leave request approval in SAP HCM.30 Jul 2009

Setting the Size Restriction for Result Set Using Program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN Article(PDF 122 KB)

This article explains how to overcome the "Result set is too large" error message by setting the Size Restriction for Result set Using Program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN.23 Jul 2009


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