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SAP Netweaver Master Data Management PCM – Product Catalog Management

A PCM product helps a product oriented company (can be in the retail or manufacturing) manage the different aspects of information regarding the product. We are not always aware of it but it can be quite complex and a lot of information to handle. The reason for that is that a product can be built from several parts, can come in different sizes, colors, and can be connected to other complimentary products. every product oriented company has to have its product catalog in order to use it both internally (for manufacturing, purchasing, etc) and externally (customers, suppliers, etc). In most companies the product information comes from different places in the organization (manufacturing, purchasing, operations, etc) derived from that it is stored in different IT systems. So PCM product needs to provide the following capabilities:
  • Extract product information from different IT systems
  • Consolidate information and convert different terminology of the same product (remember it comes from different places in the organization)
  • Provide sophisticated ways of organizing the information depending on the target audience using this information.
  • Provide ways for fast and intuitive search.
  • Provide different ways of displaying the catalog (by application, printing, on line, etc )



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