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SAP AG.co in Will Give information of SAP related meterials Like SAP Platform and Operation,,SAP Security , SAP Enterprise Portal (EP), ,SAP Knowledge Management (KW), SAP Business Intelligence (BI), Exchange Infrastructure (XI),Application Server, Mobile (MI), Master Data Management MDM, Composit Appications Frame work,Web Dynpros,OOPABAP,Blog,Intergration Bulder, Integration Repository (IB),Integration Directory (ID).System Landscape Directory (SLD), And Adopter Configuration like File to File,File to JDBC, File to IDoc, File Content Convertion, RFC, HTTP,SOAP,XI Interview Questions,Xi Sertification Questions, and many more about SAP Netweaver Platform XI Training And Tutorial and XI interview Questions ..


  1. SAP NetWeaver Architecture
  2. SAP Netweaver Introduction
  3. SAP Netweaver Advantages
  4. SAP Web Application Server (SAP WAS)
  5. SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)
  6. SAP Business Process Management(SAP BI)
  7. SAP Knowledge Management (SAP KM)
  8. SAP Master Data Management(SAP MDM)
  9. SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP)
  10. SAP Netweaver Collaboration
  11. SAP Mobile Infrastructure (SAP MI )


SAP Netweaver Collaboration


Good internal communication is an important success factor for a compnay. The challenge facing us here is that interdependent teams,and even employess within a team,often work in different buildings,towns,or even countries.SAP Netweaver Collaboration has various tools to support the exchange of information: Collaboration rooms (Virtual rooms for exchange documents),Real-time Collaboration with instant messaging and application sharing, and the collaboration launch pad , which displays all online employees.Moreover myou can integrate commonly used third-party tools (Such as MS Exchange,WEbex) In SAP Netweaver Collaboration .


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