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How To Guides on Knowledge Management TREX and Collaboration





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Knowledge Management


How to Configure Commands in Knowledge Management (KM) Navigation iViews

The Knowledge Management (KM) User Interface offers a variety of configuration options. This paper focuses on some basic examples of how to add or remove commands in the menus.

How to Configure an Anonymous Access to Knowledge Management (KM) 

Learn to publish content without requiring explicit authentication from users. This guide describes how to provide information to anonymous users.

How to Configure the Last Ten Documents Scenario

Learn a step-by-step procedure for the necessary configuration of Last10Documents scenarios. Understand some considerations for possible enhancements, such as further configuration settings of the user interface.

How to Configure the Search User Interface(UI)

This guide describes how to configure the Search User Interface to cover the requirements of a specific search scenario.

How to Distribute Knowledge Management (KM) Content Using the ICE Protocol   

Learn to find information about the main steps in the configuration of the ICE-based functionality. This guide covers two typical elements of an ICE scenario: the syndicator (the portal providing the documents), and the subscriber (the portal receiving the documents). Additionally, the paper covers the online scenario (a transfer between two up-and-running portals) and the offline scenario.

How to Extend User Details

This guide describes how to create additional attributes for user information easily and quickly.

How to Translate Content Management (CM) Properties 

Learn the necessary steps to create language-dependant descriptions by using language bundles for metadata. This guide also includes a step-by-step example.

How to Tune the Performance of Knowledge Management 

This guide provides recommendations that allow you to improve the performance of Knowledge Management (KM) in SAP NetWeaver 2004. Find information about performance-optimized KM configuration, minimal configuration, implementation tips, and a question-and-answer section.

How to Configure Predefined Properties with Dependent Values 

SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management provides the option of using properties with interdependent values. This guide demonstrates how to integrate a new tab listing the "Country" and "City" properties in the "Details" dialog box for a document.

How to Create XML Forms 

This guide describes how to create forms using the XML Forms Builder. Learn to set up basic functionality from scratch, as well as add more extensive features to forms.

How to Configure the Who is Who iView

Learn to create an iView in which users can search for other portal users and their profiles within the user persistence. This guide also describes how to configure a TREX-based user search.

How to Implement a Single Folder - Multiple Authors Scenario

This guide describes how to set Access Control List (ACL) entries on documents automatically, permitting only the author-owners editing rights. Learn to reduce the administration effort in a scenario in which multiple authors use multiple folders to store documents, but need a single view into all documents.




How to Configure TREX 6.1 for Efficient Indexing 

This guide makes recommendations for configuring search and classification (using TREX 6.1) for efficient indexing. It covers the following topics: fast initial indexing of large data sets; fast updating of indexes; and fast index replication in distributed TREX systems.

How to Configure an Alternative Document Access URL for TREX

This paper describes how to generate different URLs according to their usage in order to meet the needs of diverse landscapes.

How to Enable Semantic Search and Search for Synonyms in TREX

This paper covers a step-by-step solution to semantic search, allowing searches not only by terms, but also by synonyms. Learn how to use TREX to enable this capability.




How to Analyze Microsoft Exchange Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0

This guide will help you troubleshoot the installation, administration, and configuration of Microsoft Exchange Connectivity with SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0.

How to Transport Room Templates and Room Part Templates

This guide explains how to transport collaboration room templates and room part templates, which are based on the standard transport mechanisms provided by SAP Enterprise Portal.

How to Achieve LtpaToken-based SSO to Domino

This guide describes the configurations and steps required for Ltpatoken-based Single Sign On (SSO) on Lotus Domino. The SAP Ticket Verifier, which is needed for SSO from Enterprise portal (EP) to the Domino server, is available only for the Windows platform.




SAP NetWeaver How-To Guides

SAP NetWeaver 2004

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  2. Exchange Infrastructure

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  4. Master Data Management

  5. Portal

  6. Web Application Server


SAP NetWeaver 2004s

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