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SAP AG.co in Will Give information of SAP related meterials Like SAP Platform and Operation,,SAP Security , SAP Enterprise Portal (EP), ,SAP Knowledge Management (KW), SAP Business Intelligence (BI), Exchange Infrastructure (XI),Application Server, Mobile (MI), Master Data Management MDM, Composit Appications Frame work,Web Dynpros,OOPABAP,Blog,Intergration Bulder, Integration Repository (IB),Integration Directory (ID).System Landscape Directory (SLD), And Adopter Configuration like File to File,File to JDBC, File to IDoc, File Content Convertion, RFC, HTTP,SOAP,XI Interview Questions,Xi Sertification Questions, and many more about SAP Netweaver Platform XI Training And Tutorial and XI interview Questions ..


  1. SAP NetWeaver Architecture
  2. SAP Netweaver Introduction
  3. SAP Netweaver Advantages
  4. SAP Web Application Server (SAP WAS)
  5. SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)
  6. SAP Business Process Management(SAP BI)
  7. SAP Knowledge Management (SAP KM)
  8. SAP Master Data Management(SAP MDM)
  9. SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP)
  10. SAP Netweaver Collaboration
  11. SAP Mobile Infrastructure (SAP MI )
  12. 40 SAP XI Interview Questions


SAP Exchange Infrastructure Interview questions(SAP XI Interview questions)



1.What are the Steps required for configuring a scenario
Ans :
1. Interface Determination-- RB_SPLIT and RB_CLASSIC, Conditional Interface Determination
2. Receiver Determination -- Conditional Receiver Determination
3. Sender / Receiver Agreement-- Why don't IDOC and HTTP has a sender agreement, etc. Flow of how XI determines the configuration scenario
2.What are differnet Types of mapping are there in sap xi ?
1. Types of Java Mapping -- DOM and SAX Parser. Advantages and Disadvantages.
2. XSLT mapping
3. Graphical Mapping Questions
4.ABAP Mapping 
3.What is context change ?
4.What are the different  standard functions in XI ?
Questions on adapters
5.Which adapters run on j2ee engine and which run on ABAP stack?
 6. Use of each adapter ?
Questions on Content conversion
7. How and why is content conversion performed?
Questions on BPM and the step types in BPM.
8. What is  Correlation in BPM ?
9.What is . Synch/asynch bridge in BPM ?
10. What is . Collect pattern. In BPM ?
11.for each and par for each in a block ?
12. Send synchronously and asynchronously. ?
13.What are the  Step types in BPM. ?
Questions on ALERTS.
14.How do u define Alert Category in xi and what are the  rules for it ?
15.. How do you test an Alert?
16. How to Use  Alerts in a BPM
17.What are the stacks available in XI  ?
18.What is the Need for datatype, message type, message interface, message mapping, interface mapping?
19. Synch/ Asynch/ outbound/inbound/ abstract interfaces,. ?
20.How do you monitor your messages in XI ?
21. What is the difference between the monitoring done on the RunTimeWorkBench ?
Ans:Runtime workbench is a place to monitor the senario .In Moni we can monitor the message processing in the interface and channel level.one done using SXMB_MONI.
22.What is End to End Monitoring
23.What is Performance Monitoring,
24.What is Cache Montioring 
25.What is a   System Landscape Directory (SLD )
26. What is,Business System ?
27. What is Technical System, ?
28  What is Logical System ?
29.Create your communication channel. ?
The communication channel is the means using which XI gets and passes information. XI can understand only XML and so, the communication channels (or adapters) do the task of passing XML messages to and from XI. If the message is not in XML format, content conversion is performed at the Adapter.
30.Create your sender and receiver agreement.?
Whenever XI is the recipient of some information, create a sender agreement for the corresponding adapter, sender system and sender interface. Whenever XI is going to send some information to an external system as the external system is the recipeint of the information, create a receiver agreement for the same. for IDOC and HTTP adapters , no sender agreement is required.
31 Create Receiver Determination and Interface Determination ?
Receiver Determination In this stage, you tell XI, the recipient Interface of the scenario. you can also provide conditions on which the reciver is determined.
Interface Determination. The stage where the Inbound Interface and the Interface mapping program are defined. Conditional Interface determination is also possible.
32 What is IB?
IB Menas Integration Bulider. (IR (Integration Repository,Integration Directory)
33.What scenarios have you worked on?
34.How is XML connected to BW/SRM?
35.What adapters will you use to orders coming via Web?
36.What is IS (Integraion Server )?
37.where does the IR (integration Repository ), ID reside?
38.What does the cache hold?
39.What is .Mapping ?
40.What is.Business process Management (BPM)?

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